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‘There are no rules’

We are known for our creativity, inspiration and style and work on various projects that have originality,
class and renewal at heart. And most importantly, creating our own rules, because according to us,
there aren’t any.


For many years now our dedicated and award winning art directors and designers succeed in creating
new brand identities, magazines, books, stationary, websites, packaging and products. Here we keep an
eye on the identity of the brand, brief photographers, illustrators and create with passion and precision.


Our claim to fame comes from well known magazines as Happinez and Flow, which we visually created
from the start. Together with our clients, we helped these magazines develop into serious brands with a
wide range of brand extensions. Also, we are very proud that these brands are one of the few who have
their magazines published abroad in various countries and languages.


The work we make

Below you can see a selection of the work we make. Challenging and unique projects is what makes us tick. Do you want to see more of us? Check out our instagram, facebook or pinterest.

Flow, Studio 100%, patterns, art direction
Flow, Studio 100%, patterns, art direction
Happinez Magazine, Happinez, art direction, cover, color, being yourself, magazine, jezelf zijn
ANG cosmetics, concept, art direction, nudes, soft color, close up, attention, nurture, grace
Flow Magazine special, Hoe leef je het leven, paper, paperlovers, extra's, patterns, art direction
Two books, Afslankswitch and Groene Smoothies van Marjolijn van der Velde, bestseller
Book Susan Smit, En dan de liefde, art direction, liefde, love
Fasionista stationary line, diary, art direction, fashion, neon, festival fever, aztec



Our art directors are in charge of the overall visual appearance of various projects. They guard the
brand-identity and develop a brand or project when it comes to layout, visual language, color schemes, photography, illustration and typography.



Our designers work closely together with the art directors. They work with precision on graphic design, image editing, and creating and delivering certified pdf’s.


Awards and nominations

2015 Gourmand Award Best BBQ Book of the world (On Fire, Uitgeverij Snor)

2014 Mercur Art direction of the year (Happinez)

2014 Mercur Magazine of the year (Flow)

2013 Nomination Magazine of the year (Happinez)

2013 Nomination Art direction of the year (Happinez)

2012 Nomination Art direction of the year (Flow)

2011 Nomination Magazine of the year (Flow)

2011 Nomination Art direction of the year (Flow)

2010 Nomination Art direction of the year (Hoe overleef ik…)

2009 Mercur Launch of the year (Flow)

2005 Mercur Magazine of the year (Happinez)



During the years we worked together with a wide range of people and companies. Amongst them are:


Happinez, Flow, Wij Jonge Ouders, Psychologie Magazine, MT Magazine, Mooi Parfumeries,
Vondel Hotels, Uitgeverij SNOR, Carrera, The House of Books, Fashionista, Flair, het Tropenmuseum, Crime Compagnie, A/N/G Cosmetics, Atheneaum, Brook Company, Gooische TamTam, Inez van Oord, Meulenhoff, Mo’Media, RTL Nederland, Unieboek/Spectrum, Wonderwonderland, J/M Magazine,
Miss Marketing.